Bio Kids Run 1.5 KM

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The Bio Kids Run is for children in groups 5 to 8 of the elementary school. The children run a course of 1.5 KM through the Bio Forest. The route is situated on a closed terrain. Parents and grandparents are welcome to come and cheer on these kids! Together we raise money for the Bio Holiday Resort, so that children with disabilities can enjoy a lovely vacation with their families. 


Of course there will be the Speedy Gonzales Awards for the fastest participants in the Bio KidsRrun.In addition we have a Blockbuster Award for the team that raises the highest amount in donations. 

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20-05-2022 | 22:32 To: Tijs en Robbert Bax Thijs heel goed dat je mee loopt. Heel veel succes samen met je vader! Zet m op!
19-05-2022 | 12:57 To: Tijs en Robbert Bax