About Bio

A nice family vacation for children with a disability

Each year, the Bio Holiday Resort offers 2000 families with multiply disabled children a relaxing vacation where the disability is not the main issue for a while. Going on holiday is very complex for these families. After all, they are always dependent on the right care, aids and an adapted environment which also involve additional costs. With a small team of permanent staff and the help of 200 enthusiastic volunteers and many donors, the Bio Holiday Resort and Bio Riding School make a complete vacation possible for families with a multiple disabled child. To keep the vacations accessible, the Foundation only charges 50% of the actual costs to its guests. For the remaining income, the Bio Holiday Resort depends on gifts and donations.

Fully adapted facilities

The Bio Holiday Resort has 21 fully adapted bungalows, all of which are equipped with the necessary aids. In addition, the foundation has several adapted facilities on its own site to make a dream vacation possible. There is a swimming pool with an adjustable floor and patient elevators, a cinema with wheelchair-accessible stands, an adapted riding school, a sensory room, an experience forest with play equipment and a boot camp track. In March 2022, the Netherlands' first fully adapted gameroom for children with disabilities is opened at the Bio Holiday Resort. The vacation park is expanding its capacity this summer with 5 adapted glamping tents, so that families with a disabled child can also go camping for a change.

Our name represents what we stand for

Experience: We offer families with a disabled child precious moments of happiness together because we believe everyone has the right to a wonderful vacation. Families will have an unforgettable time at Bio.

Inspire: The Bio Holiday Resort is a special place where families with a disabled child can enjoy each other's company. Each family has its own story. They are stories of courage, love and perseverance that have the power to inspire others.

Unlimited: No matter how your body works, at Bio Holiday Resort everyone can be themselves without limit. Every child is equally important. Thanks to all the adaptations and aids, at Bio everyone can participate in all the activities and enjoy themselves without limit.

For more information go to biovakantieoord.nl