Participate as a company

Would you like to participate in the Biothlon with your company? You can! We are happy to take a lot of work off your hands by organizing the registration centrally. Collecting the names and email addresses of all your employees is no longer necessary. Just let us know the number of participants and we'll send you a code which your employees can use to complete their registration. Easy as that!  

Your branded hang-out

Your company will be extra visible at the event with your own company hang-out spot. For €250,- we will set up a nice pagoda tent with a beer table and two benches for you. You can personalize your company hang-out with a flag and a beachflag. 

Participation is arranged in 5 steps

  1. Mail to the number of participants per challenge and book your company hang-out;
  2. You will receive one discount code with which your employees can complete their registration;
  3. Per 10 participants (or less) there is one team captain who registers himself and creates a team;
  4. The other participants sign up as a team member of the created team;
  5. After June 1, your company will receive an invoice for the subscribed number of participants. 

Participants fee

Participation Biothlon Battle: €39.50 p.p. (compared to €39.00 in 2019)

For this you get per participant: a start number, a delicious lunch pack (with sandwiches, drinks and fruit) and two drinks tokens. Your employees will enjoy a fun day with their colleagues in the beautiful Arnhem forests. Of course there is an exciting warming-up and the DJ ensures a relaxing atmosphere after the race! The fastest participants have a chance of winning the Speedy Gonzales Award and the team that raises the highest amount of donations takes home the Blockbuster Award! 

Participation Biothlon Home Edition: € 15,- p.p.

For each participant you get: participation and a chance to win the Blockbuster Award and the Speedy Gonzales Award!